Friday, June 20, 2014

LITTER GENIE - Cat Litter Disposal System

As a member of the Litter Geniuses crowd on Crowdtap, I was chosen to sample the LITTER GENIE - Cat Litter Disposal System and with 2 cats I was stocked. I am used to having 1 cat around for years and recently (within the past year) my family brought in another cat name Judy. Now I have the older cat named Meimei and the younger cat named Judy which we taught to use the litter box (what a hassle).

Lazy Meimei

When I received it, the first thing I thought of was our diaper genie, which was a must have for both of my kids ages 5 and 19 months. And right away I said "dang", "duh" why didnt I think of this idea. I clean out my cats litter boxes at minimum three times a week and that means my kitchen garbage pail needs to be thrown out very often. With this new Litter Genie, we are now able to throw out kitchen garbage less per week and therefore less hassle. With all the cat litter being put into this genie, makes the clean up less frustrating and the smell is closed out quickly.

Judy & Meimei

The Litter Genie is actually pretty decor friendly with the white and grey color it blends nicely with my cats for sure. It comes with its own scooper and a side slot to keep it in. It is also small enough with a handle on the back to move around easily.

This is a very convenient must - have for all cat owners. You can get it on Amazon for $14.99 with free shipping for Prime customers and they now have a $5.00 off coupon at check out.

Disclosure: I received this product compliments Crowdtap to test and give my review based on my own assessment.