Monday, April 28, 2014


I was privileged to get the opportunity to have a first hand look at the newest sensation from Cepia, the makers of Zhu Zhu pets (via MomSelect) called "The Happys" which are an absolute joy for kids 4 years and older. 

I received Mittens (Cat) with treat and Sport (Dog) with treat to have my kid engage with, along with the Chase Ball. Those toys are interactive & motorized and follow the lead of the kid who has the treat. They also can be trained which is great for the Zhu Zhu brand and makes the fun never ending. Each treat teaches the pet new tricks so the more treats you have, the more fun they will have. They provide hours of entertainment for your kids and lots of laughter also. They also play back with the kids unlike the other Zhu Zhu pets from Cepia so that is an upgrade. If you are not one to have/own pets then these are perfect for your family(kids), because they are like having real pets without having to feed them (well refreshing the batteries ever once in a while). I am definitely eager to see what other accessories they will be coming out with since my kids enjoyed them so much. By the way personally I loved Mittens because she is so adorable and fluffy and gives a great impression of the perfect cat (if there is any). 

My son, who is turning 5 years old had an ecstatic time playing with both of the pets at the same time. He said to me," Mommy thank you, thank you, I love them." Although I have 2 real cats, he find "The Happys" to be more fun (he still and will always loves his real cats). Make sure you keep handy batteries because the pets or play ball does not come with batteries (uses AAA) but the treats do. They are currently in stores now from Walmart, Toys R Us and Amazon.

I found Walmart to be the cheapest so far, here are the links:

Mittens  - The Kitten {$17.97}
Chance - The Beagle {$17.97}
Sport - The Chocolate Lab {$17.97}
Bentley - The Golden Retriever {$17.97}
Chase Play Ball - {$9.97}

Go ahead and learn the Happy's dance and share your skills with others.

These will make great birthday presents and Christmas gifts. They are a true winner to making kids smile.
I gave them 5 out 5 stars.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by MomSelect & Cepia, but all opinions are truthful and my own.