Monday, April 21, 2014



I know I havent been posting as often that I would like but there has been a few transitions in my life that I am trying to get used to slowly but surely. Anything that would help making life better for my family of course I am up for the challenge. Some may call bad or uncommon situations struggles but I call them challenges. Speaking it in a negative form will make it a lot harder to overcome. Now to begin I will only be bringing a positive look on what is to come in the coming months and beyond. (Any advice would be appreciated)
  • My pumpkin (son) is about to start Kindergarten in September and have been running around like a chicken with its head dangling off trying to make sure he gets into a really good school. The distance also is a factor and the fact that I do not live in a good neighborhood makes it a little more difficult. However I am really grateful that he got accepted in to so many charter schools so we have a number of options. Unfortunately they would all like to be notified of his acceptance by the end of this month which really isn't much time to get to know all the details of the schools.
  • My husband has a new shift and thats the night shift. We have been through it before but we didnt have 2 kids then. But it is all worth it and he definitely makes the time to spend with me and the kids. Never once will I ever have to question how my husband feels (we communicate --- thats key). For me it has been challenging with getting used to taking the kids most times on my own and the same for picking them up after. But as I said it is just time to get used to.
  • My pumpkin (son) is turning 5. YIPPIIEEEEE!! And it will be a celebration. We have been planning for years that when he gets 5 we will be taking him to DisneyWorld. Now this decision was made before we had a second kid. But with Gods grace we are able to take this trip. So his birthday planning is still in effect making sure we have all our bases covered. 
  • My mama (daughter) is now 17 months and she acts like she is 3 years old. Thank goodness she only acts a little older but the terrible two tantrums have began and with full force. She is a handful but who am I kidding I think I was a handful too lol. 
  • I have so many product reviews to put up that I am excited to share with you all. From kids apps to my favorite books to beauty must haves and ofcourse nail art.
Cannot wait to be back up and running again and share with all my followers.

Have a Blessed day and week