Monday, March 3, 2014

'SHE' Got Sick -- My Steffi K

My Daughter

She got sick.... 

I know that this is with every kid so it isn't a surprise that kids get sick. I have a son who is about to turn 5 years old in May so I know a little something about dealing with a sick kid. The thing is, every child is different and you just never know what to expect. I always think I am able to manage and control the situation but I cannot which I also know. My daughter is now 16 months as of today and she has been sick for over a week now. She has a viral infection. From what? I have no clue.. How? I do not know.. When will it go away? I am hoping soon.. The way this virus is attacking her is not life threatening but it has caused her to be so miserable and sad and always tired. The doctors said that she is in pain but her immune system is fighting it just needs sometime. 

I do not like a sick kid or my kid being sick and no matter how many times you go through it or how many kids you take care of each one is always so different. I tend to blame myself sometimes, just wondering what did I miss, what did I not do or what could have been done better.

Note to self ---- Do not beat yourself up about it. Kids get sick and when they are small they are unable to let you know exactly what is wrong but it gets better. You are able to read your kid and understand just by the gestures they make. You are mommy, you are their hero... you are their comfort no matter what.. Daddy is their strength and also their hero.. Always take the necessary steps to make them feel and get better. Not every time they are sick an emergency room run is necessary (I tend to forget).

This is the first time she was really down and out and not my little trooper as usual but she is getting better. Kids are our rock and they keep us grounded. Love them. Cherish them. Care for them.