Thursday, March 6, 2014

BOOK REVIEW - Sky1 - Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

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Thriller/266 Pages

Post Apocalyptic thriller that keeps you glued to your sit. It follows Nick Burke 'journalist' trying to get his family out of the current ground they live on because things are changing and changing for the worst. Based 700 years in the future, where the world has grown that it builds cities (grounds) upward. The higher you go the better the living circumstances and of course the lower you are the more unbearable it becomes.

 The reason I love this book because the author (William Amerman) keeps you wanting to know more about life after hundreds of years and guessing will it ever come to this. Has the worlds population expanded so much that we need to build up into the sky? We meet characters that are involved with Nick Burke, members of this group that he has trusted to help and ensure him and his family to get emigrated to another level. Quarantine takes over his level to control this 'Malady' (sickness) that has taken over and walls are being put up all over the ground barricading people in.
Every moment  throughout this book is so descriptive that you feel as if you are right there along side Nick, running, dodging and attempting to help each circumstance with valor and praying he doesn't get caught.

Follow the roller coaster of events that come about through out the book with flashbacks of how they all came about and got to this point. Meet Nick, Jane (his wife), Simon (his son) and many more. They are all intertwined with each other and you get to meet each one and understand their story. One goal in mind for everyone - to get to higher ground by any means possible. 

I hope you the readers enjoy it as much as I did... Enjoy!!

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