Friday, March 14, 2014

Save Like A New Yorker

We know how expensive it is to live in New York but these short list of tips can help you anywhere. Ok, so we know that New York can be outrageous with the standard of living compared to everywhere else in the US so the saying "If you can make it here you can make it anywhere" goes without explaining. Most live in apartment buildings where the space is small but the expenses are high. So here are a few tips that I use to help get us through:

  1. Know/Improve Your Score -  now you may think why is she telling me about credit score? Well lets say that will determine the interest rates on any loan (car, mortgage etc) and can determine whether they ask you for an extra rent deposit/security when trying to get your first apartment.
  2. Got Credit Cards? - If you have credit cards, what is your APR%? You can always call your financial institute to get your APR% lowered at any time unlike asking for an increase that can only be done at most twice a year.
  3. Ever heard of the Retention Dept? - Your cable/internet/phone provider has a department called retention that you are transferred to if you want to cancel your service. They are the persons who want to know why you want to cancel your service and if there anything they can do to persuade you to stay. Well they are my favorite people to speak to. I call ever so often (atleast every 2 months) to find out what promotions they have going on and see what better deals they can offer me especially being a good and loyal customer. 
  4. Make on-time Payments - With reference to tips 1,2 & 3, it is good to always make on time payments to better your experience with companies. They trust that you will pay and would do more to want to keep you as a good customer. It also improves your credit score over time. Plus how will you be able to request incentives or credit if you do not show that you are a trusted person to make payments and make them on time.
  5. Use Coupons - NY may not be the state with the best coupon matchups especially in the city where they do not double your coupons (sigh) but it can help with savings that can be put towards something else. There are lots of coupon deals websites that can help you match up the in store deals with coupons from your sunday newspaper, magazines and online. You may even get some items for free.
  6. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) - There are many products that help you make stuff your self and I am not necessarily speaking about a sewing machine. Sodastream helps you make your own soda and all you have to do is get the flavors and the CO2 can. It works alot cheaper and alot healthier for soda lovers. Magic Bullets makes a variety of blends including your own baby food, at least that way you know exactly what your baby is eating. Water Filters are perfect also because it reduces the amount of plastic bottles and the cost plus no more lugging cases of water up those apartment building stairs.
  7. Have an Electronics Free Night - Turn off the tv, unplug the video games and do charge up your phone. This saves electric cost and promotes more family together time.

Hope these tips help. Do you have any tips that can be added?