Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Green Earth Pan -- OZERI

You would think I would start this blog post and say " another non stick pan, will it work?" but I wont. I wanted to give this pan a new outlook on how I feel about non-stick pans which for some reason never work well for me. So to start, it came in a rather attractive box, singled out and stating that it was the Green Earth Pan.

From the packaging it states the size I received (8" pan) and that it featured Greblon.

What is GREBLON? Well after doing some research, it is non stick technology used on cookware. It is a natural ceramic coating that creates a non stick base that is free of any PTFE, PFOA and/or harmful chemicals.

I am assuming this is the basis of the name, GREEN EARTH PAN. One thing, I absolutely love is the textured ceramic coating of the pan surface. This helps in preventing the food from sticking to the bottom. This pan is also eco-friendly, safe, scratch resistant and extremely durable.This allows you to use very little oil with your cooking, which makes cleaning up very easy. With that said, OZERI really has made a product built to last and in my opinion worth every penny.

Inside the box also comes this protector that is so neat to me because it was unexpected and cute. This protector prevents any scratching and any contact to the ceramic coating when the pan is stacked among others. We all do it, stack pots and pans on top each other or inside one another.

The bottom of the pan is also elevated so the heat is distributed evenly for even better cooking. This pan can be used on both flame stoves and induction stoves and it will still provide quality.

When I used this pan, I made french toast and scrambled eggs for my family of 4. Normally, it would take long for me to finish, everything for everyone so by the time I am done the french toast is usually cold. Urghhh.. First noticeable difference was the time I spent on frying the french toast, It took under a minute on both sides, that I actually left it longer (did not burn) to make sure that it cooked all the way through. I did 10 french toast in 15 minutes and that included prep time. I must say I was proud of myself, but I can not take the credit because this pan cooked so well. I was able to just wipe off the pan and fry the eggs without adding any extra oil. This has to be the quickest I have prepared breakfast for my family.

This Green Earth Pan by Ozeri comes highly recommended by myself and I am sure by others that have used it. Right now on Amazon you can by the set of 3 pans (8", 10" & 12") for $66.00 and it is definitely worth it. Imagine that these pans are actually non stick without any toxins, durable, cooks quick and even easier to clean. This pan is a must have especially for the Christmas season for your cooking and ofcourse as a wonderful gift.