Thursday, February 20, 2014

There's No "N" Train Service

NYC Subway System is one of the best transportation/subway systems in the world (and that is clearly my opinion). I love it and I hate it at the same time. There are days when the train ride goes so smooth, no one constantly saying excuse me or I'm sorry, no one getting shoved and hit while trying to get in a cart, no one squeezing up small to make room for someone else. As much as these may not seem to be a big deal, I personally can not handle it every single day.

So why I headlined my post -"There's No 'N' Train"- you wonder. It came while basically running (4) four avenues in the cold and windy drizzle to get to the train station, quickly swipe my metrocard and dash down the stairs. I see the local R train waiting so I slow down and take a breath and stood on the platform to listen to the announcement - THERE'S NO 'N' TRAIN SERVICE AT 59TH ST, TAKE THE 'R' TO 36TH ST TO CATCH THE 'N' TRAIN. I jumped into the train cart like I was scared for my life, but that was just a reaction to not wanting to miss this train (paranoid?). I am now struggling to put my wallet and metrocard back into my bag and look up to see an Asian couple just standing there. I look around and everyone else is watching them but continue about their way. So I shout to them "There's No 'N' Train", still looking a bit puzzled I shout again No 'N' Train. They hurried onto the R train as the door closed. "Thank You" the guy says, in which I reply "No problem".

This small gesture made me feel really good for some reason but yet I wonder why no one else could've told them. I mean it is as simple as saying "No 'N' Train", it wouldn't hurt anyone and it certainly wouldn't take anything out of you. Puzzled, I just sat down and relaxed my mind and wonder what if it was me waiting on the platform and unbeknownst to me would be standing there just waiting for a train thats never going to come.. I feel like a small kind gesture could go a long way for someone else..

Think about it!!

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