Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New PUMA Mobium


New Puma Mobium Athletic Shoes & ACTV Apparel

I was more than privy to test out Puma New Line - Mobium shoes and ACTV apparel from Crowdtap and Puma.

So in my package I received Puma Mobium shoes, V Neck Training Tee, Training Jacket & ACTV Long Tights.

First I want to talk to all runners, joggers or power walkers and even those who just love to workout. This is perfect for all women who want to be comfortable, be seen and be stylish.

Puma Mobium Sneakers

If you are a Puma fan like I am you will love these shoes because they are so comfy because of the cushion inside and the overall shape that perfects the fit. When you are running I can almost guarantee that you will run longer when wearing those shoes. I normally run on average a mile a day and walk about 2 miles to and from walk then go up about another dozen flight of stairs. When I first wore them I felt energized and there was an obvious pep in my step.

My favorite pieces are the ACTV tights. It has athletic tape strategically placed so that you are able to workout or run at your best therefore improving your performance. The areas it targets are your shin, the thigh, your calf, Achilles tendon and your glute. This helps you during exercise and after exercise to maximize your energy.

The jacket is pretty amazing also if you pay attention to detail while doing what it needs to. Besides being comfortable it is also breathable (if you notice the second picture featuring the underarm). It also has reflectors (sterilite) all over for running at night and also features several secure pockets for you phone or ipods while running.
I hope you appreciate the full picture of my PUMA gear. Comfy yet fashionable. It is highly recommended for all. You can find the links for purchase below:

Puma Mobium Shoes
Puma ACTV apparel
Puma Crowd

Disclosure: Received all items complimentary from Crowdtap & Puma for testing purposes for my honest review.