Sunday, July 28, 2013

#SurprisinglyGood SunDrop Dropping




Thanks to Crowdtap I was able to share my knowledge of SunDrop soda with my friends and family.

^^^^^ This was my package I received. Lovely right.... I know. Anyway back to my #SurprisinglyGood party details. So we had the party at another party (basically an excuse for the adults to come together at a kids party). This blog is to give you my review on SunDrop soda *especially if you live in New York City*

Preparing for the party was easy because we had the music, the food, the games but not the SunDrop soda. It was sooooo difficult finding this soda in Brooklyn, NY, even going all the way out to Long Island to walmart and still not get any. This was my only problem which made the day difficult in getting pictures from my party which sucked. I waited so long for my sister in law who came from Philadelphia, PA to bring it out to us and by that time my phone died. I don't want to do a comparison based on other sodas since I am not sure what you all like. I am just going to let you know what I thought about it.


1. Taste -  It has a lemon lime flavor which is not overwhelmed by the carbonated fizz. It is not sweet but has a bang to your palette. Overall you must love the flavor because it cannot go wrong if you drink sodas.

2. Packaging -  It stands out n the shelf at any grocery store in the aisle. The colors red, green and yellow are not popular (well maybe the green), and the name is bright and bold on the can so it can't be missed.


1. Location -  I would have loved to find it in all the supermarkets. It was so hard to get it out in the city and we get everything even those sodas I never heard of.

2. Advertising -  I honestly would love to see more advertising on tv, billboards and radio for SunDrop in the city, maybe that way more stores will carry it.

Overall, my group of friends and family enjoyed the games (Charades). Next time I must get my pictures and vine in early enough. We all had an amazing time and wish to see more from the SunDrop Family at Crowdtap. Lets get ready for another round.!!! Hip Hooray for SunDrop!!




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