Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cottonelle #LetsTalkAboutYourBum - Sample & Share


Thanks to Crowdtap and Cottonelle Clean Crew I was able to try Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushables Wipes for free and share my honest opinion.

Lets begin ......

I am a fan of Cottonelle Toilet Paper and use it constantly in my home for it is the brand we love. Most of you are familiar with their toilet paper and may or may have seen that they have been promoting their flushable wipes on youtube videos which I find rather amusing.

This one is my favorite... See below:

Now in order to grasp the concept ask yourself this, why do we use wet wipes on a baby's bum? Is it because it is more precious than an adult's bum? Or is it that we want to get it the best possible clean they can get without a bath... I think it is the latter.. Now what is wrong with us feeling that same freshness after every bathroom use... So this is where we begin the talk about your bum!!!
The Cottonelle Flushable Wipes provides that extra clean feel after using the bathroom. Whether is number 1 or number 2 you will always stay fresh. I prefer using a combination of toilet paper and wipes, hey why not... If it is available to me then I shall use it, hence why I carry a portable pack in my bag. So I always feel confident about using the bathroom when on the go. Did I mention that the full size wipes come in a cute dispenser which I am hoping will come in various styles and colors. It is now in white which goes great with any décor but variety never hurts anyone.

Some have queried about the fact that the wipes do not flush easily or doesn't dissolve, I personally haven't had that problem and we use both constantly at our home. Cottonelle have ran numerous tests to support their claim that the wipes are flushable. If that is a concern you are can visit their website here: Cottonelle. Visit www.facebook.com/cottonelle where the bum conversation continues on.

Feel free to join Crowdtap  to get in more about the Cottonelle Clean Crew and your voice can be heard.

Thanks for reading..

Disclaimer: I was given a Sample Pack of Cottonelle to use and give my honest opinion on how the product works for me.

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